Ode To Ecstasy



Photo: Noack Fotographic /Fleischauer Muse: Cat SN

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Aesthetic Meat Front

“ Ode To Ecstasy “

Experimental Opera, a transformation of Beethovens Ode To Joy, inspired during cultural lockdown.

The performance is a collaboration between AMF, the Swedish opera singer Joa Helgesson, the Iranian project Sarmoung (Shamanic performance group), Valentin Tszin (Butoh), Christian Tan( KSO Berlin), and various other classical musicians.

This piece questions the way we look at joy, which status has joy in our society, why does some forms of joy seem to have more value the others and what makes modern human afraid of the ultimate form of joy – Ecstasy.

Ode To Ecstasy breaks down the barriers between classical and atonaler music
and fusing elements of opera, performance art and ritual.

Amongst the carnage of the the plague, culture was left to die. It seemed only natural that after we decided to sacrifice the foundation of our physical existence – the earth. It is now time to sacrifice that what feeds our soul. After all the wheel must keep turning. The museum might be closed, but the gift shop is still open.

Ode To Ecstasy is dedicated to the resurrection of Culture

Photo: Merlin Noack

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Sculpted Skin + Transformed Flesh + Human Instruments +

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