1972 Louis Fleischauer was born and raised in Leipzig. In Eastern Germany being different was not acceptable, thus Louis had frequently to deal with harassment by the authorities, including the “Stasi”. After the Fall of the Wall he moved to Berlin into a squad (occupied house) and started working with leather and experimenting with sounds and Body Art Rituals. Witnessing some intense riots in Berlin in 1991 planted a seed for the energy Louis creates now with his performance project.

In 1993 he moved to the US.

1996 started his Project AMF (Aesthetic Meat Foundation/Front) , performing at events such as Burning Man, various galleries, art festivals, clubs, warehouses and Various guerrilla performances

Featured as ‘evil pagan’ at 700 Club (America’s biggest Christian TV Network)

1998 was the first time Louis used his body as sound-source with the help of hooks.

1996 – 2006 releasing various recordings on Old Europe Cafe, Stateart and AMF

2007 first time Showing work in Japan (Vanilla Gallery)

2008 moved back to Berlin.

2008 Solo Show in Japan (Vanilla Gallery)

2009 Trip to Borneo, that inspired „Gaia Violation Project“

2010 Solo Show in Japan (Vanilla Gallery)

2011 Performance at Borderline Biennale

2013 Collecting inspiration deep in the Amazon Forest,

2013 Solo Show in Japan (Vanilla Gallery)

2013 Performance at Southerain Porte Festival, France

2013 Solo Show + Performance at NK Gallery, Berlin

2014 Performance at Wasteland Weekend (Mojave Desert)

2015 Installation + Performance at Skin, New York

2016 Featured at the Museum of City History (Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig)

2017 Exhibition and Installation at H.R Giger Museum – Greyerz, Switzerland

2018 Solo Exhibition at Zikkai Gallery, Tokyo

The Artist 5 min after the XX AMF Ritual at Greenhause Artspace, Berlin

Sculpted Skin + Transformed Flesh + Human Instruments +

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