Flesh Art Manifesto

Flesh Art is naked, raw and under your skin.

Flesh Art is the animal inside you that screams for survival, it is your body that longs to be explored, it is your mind hungry for change.

Flesh Art is pure, without dogma, ideologies or “illusion of morality”.
Flesh Art is the seductiveness of an open wound, a symphony of desires.

Flesh Art is the invocation of primal energy as an answer to a sterilized,consumer friendly reality shaped by a mass media to breed one homogenized people.

Living within an artificial reality humanity has become disconnected from its inner self, losing not only the link to its own core but also separating itself from nature, the very organism in which humans area part of.

Nothing separates us further from ours selves then the neurotic need for Order and Control. We fear the unknown, the unpredictable, anything that is even closely related to the primal forces of chaos.
We hide away in a system entirely built upon Order, we sacrificed our sense of wonder, we lost our magic, we have no more creative food for our minds.

We are hiding behind square screens, living in square rooms, inside square buildings. All of this is in direct contrast to our own nature, for we are organic creatures.

Our consciousness which has endless possibilities is chained to a system governed by numbers. Numbers are an instrument of control. We calculate everything, we even think in numbers, but we do not feel the energies around and within us.

The world screams in pain but we only save our banks!
Kneeling at the Altar of the Economy, we sacrifice this earth, bleed it dry and burn it as a feast for the gods that write our paychecks.

We fear the crash of the economy more than the collapse of our own Eco system. We are so disconnected from nature that we can relate more to a nonliving system than to the organism we live in. Humanity does not only behave like a chain smoking cancer patient, humanity has become the cancer.

We destroy nature because we can no longer grasp the concept of a living organism.
The destruction of nature is the reflection of our collective death wish.

Flesh Art is the raw energy of life. Flesh Art is organic, interactive and multi dimensional.
Chaos separates the living organism from the machine.
Flesh Art utilizes Chaos as a creative force to restore the balance within us.
Flesh Art is an antidote to the poison of Order and Control.

The only way for us to survive as a species is to reconnect with our own nature.
It is up to us to become the shaman that opens the gate to a primal awakening.

Flesh Art is a seed of change planted into the collective unconscious.
As more individuals and ideas are put into action, we create a rupture in standards of reality, and in doing so, create gateways towards new spheres of awareness.

Flesh Art is organic, raw, primal energy. Without energy art loses its meaning and becomes nothing but decoration, a commodity for sale, food for the system that imprisons us.

Flesh Art does not believe in censorship, the Artist dos not compromise. Flesh Art does not define itself by the amount of people that like it, but by the energy it invokes.

The artist uses its body to its fullest extend.

When the artist bleeds, it is not about pain, but catharsis and transcendence.
When the artist opens its flesh it is not about shock but evolution.

Why is it socially acceptable to destroy our body by feeding it poison, but decorating this temple with scars is not? We are all made of flesh and blood, thus we celebrate our body by exploring it.

We can only be free when we dissociate from cultural and social boundaries.
Ignore style, let your appearance be an expression of yourself and not a submission to the culture around you.
Be spiritually aware of what goes on inside and around you. Don’t feed upon religious poison, if you need gods, create your own. There is no need for you to be a slave to a god that somebody else invented.
Free your self from ideologies and the politics of the Left and Right, for those only exist to divide us. Look deep inside you and realize your true desires.

Culture is a system of control. What ever ritual it takes -Deprogram your self from it.
Defend your mind!

Don’t be afraid of confrontation, there is no evolution without struggle.
Focus on change, instead of becoming side tracked by fanaticism. Your anger is valid, and it will be a strong tool if you do not let it be used against you.

To heal we have to cut out the infected flesh. Yes, there will be pain. Don’t be afraid of pain, embrace it as an agent of change for without change we are already dead.

Break away from daily routines, do the unexpected, decentralize, inspire your mind to go new ways, explore the depths of your body and consciousness. Feed your spirit with fresh desires, new dreams, face your nightmares!

Let Flesh Art inspire you, but infect this idea with your own thought and energy. Mutate this thought, inflame your creative mind, create your own medicine, invent your own line of attack!

Flesh Art is the torch in your hand that lays fire upon the instruments of cultural control.

Wake up – never stop Dreaming!

Sculpted Skin + Transformed Flesh + Human Instruments +

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