Human Instruments

A Symphony of Flesh…

…performs rituals turning humans into instruments through body modification, transforming the agony and euphoria of the stage into sonique energy to be devoured by the audience.

Utilizing sculpted leather creations that are mounted to the performer with hooks, wires, and other devices beneath the skin, Louis Fleischauer manifests the transformation of human flesh into a sonorous organism.

The goal of these rituals is to invoke a reality-shift within the
minds of audience members.  A Symphony of Flesh mingles visuals and acoustics in meditative madness.

Through exhaustion, pain and sound the performer enters a trance-like state of mind. Some of the cathartic experienced through this, is being shared with the audience in form of sonique energy. Every amount of pressure from hooks pulling the skin is translated into amplified vibrations.

For the ritual to be effective, any barrier between stage and audience must be destroyed. People are encouraged to participate via various tasks, such as joining the orchestra of flesh and noise by playing amplified devises attached to the performer.

More of Aesthetic Meat Front:

This is not about pain, but about felicity and transcendence,

Not about shock but about evolution

Sculpted Skin + Transformed Flesh + Human Instruments +

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