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Photo: MS Stupnitz

Louis Fleischauer (DE) : Artistic Brain, Concept, Human Instrument


Photo: TH

Trevor Henthorn (US) : Technical Brain


Photo: Gili Shani

Joa Helgesson (SE) : Lead Vocals (Opera)


Anja Milow (DE): Vocals


Photo: Christian Tan

Christian Tan (NL): Cello , EEG Control, Member of the KOS Berlin, CREA Orchestra Amsterdam


Photo: Starspawn Phty

Magus Faustus (DE/IR) : Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Photo: Obscuraphoto Metalheads

Charuk (DE/IR) : Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Photo: Evelyn Bencicova

Valentin Tszin (DE/RU) : Dance, Butoh


Photo: Dark Circus

Coco Katsura (JP) – Shibary


Photo: Mirella Frangella

AmA DeuS (DE) : Cello


Photo: Kevin Prochotta

Fräulein Lulu (DE) : Violin


Lea (FR): Geige

Anni Kaunan (DE): Human Instrument

Das Sommerle (DE): Human Instrument

Roderich Kollektiv (DE): Human Instrument

Christian Ermel (DE): Live Painting

Sculpted Skin + Transformed Flesh + Human Instruments +

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