Fear Exorcism C19

CovidDarkness – A Ritualistic Deconstruction of Collective Insanity

Interactive Installation with live stream Performance

Duration of interactive set up: 10 + Days

Duration of Installation and Performance 3 Days

Currently collecting sounds, your invited to participate below.

In one way or another we are all affected by the current plague and it is feeding our collective insanity.

CovidDarkness is a ritual to transform our collective trauma into a soundscape. This soundscape will be de-constructed, during a 3 day long performance until the performer is completely exhausted and the sound is destroyed and with it the essence of madness.

You’re invited to participate by using the recording app below (preferred)

or send it as text to me:

Feed me your:

+ Fears, Anxiety, Paranoia

+ Grief, Desperation, Insanity

+ Depression, Worries, Suffocation

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